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Best Amsterdam Escorts

Best Amsterdam escort girls in Holland


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There is no reason to be alone in Amsterdam with beautiful escorts like Tori around you must be mad not to take advantage.

Our Amsterdam escort agency will help you find the sexiest Amsterdam girls for any occasion (business meetings, nights out, sex vacations. We asked the question what does a respected businessman want? The answer was surprisingly simple, the one thing that all men want, which is a sexy young girl who has only one thing in mind - to please them.

Our exclusive agency in Amsterdam has a unique offering just for you. If you are looking for a stunning girl to have sex in Amsterdam or maybe you just need a beautiful lady to go to a business event with, then you need one of our Amsterdam escorts. We promise our clients complete anonymity and privacy. All customer details are kept confidential and only used by our escorts in Amsterdam to fulfil your booking.

Now that we've dismissed any concerns, it's time for you to browse our directory of Amsterdam escorts. Many of our girls have diverse backgrounds. We have ex-models, actors and a host of other exciting professions.

If you've found your perfect match already don't waste any more time and contact us so that we can arrange your escort booking. We are convinced that you will have a fantastic time with our ladies. Our girls are so much more than just gorgeous women. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and professional service you will receive. All our girls have been hand-picked and chosen for their ability to be engaging in conversation as well as in the bed. These unique attributes make our girls rare and exclusive.

Amsterdam Escort Companionship

There is an old adage which says, there are three things that can make any man happy, expensive cars, a huge paycheck and a beautiful woman. Our escort service attempts to solve one of these problems. As a result, we have painstakingly selected only the best escorts in Amsterdam and from across Holland. When it comes to Amsterdam escorts, only our company can provide you with top models to join you for your stay in Amsterdam. Don't miss the chance to spend quality time with our beautiful model girls, while other men only dream about it. Our comprehensive escort services will satisfy all your needs, from business meetings to trips around the city or merely hot sex in your hotel room. If this has your blood boiling then maybe you choose to browse our directory of stunning girls.

Finding the ideal Amsterdam Escort, Netherlands

We are up to the challenge in helping you find the perfect Amsterdam escort. Our call operator will spend the time listening to your requirements, from looks to personality to services you want to receive. Together we will help you choose the ultimate girl for the perfect evening. Our staff have years of experience in guiding men through the selection process, making it painless.

Our website lists many Escorts in Amsterdam along with details about each girl. From this information, you can pick your favourites and learn which girls perform certain services. Of course, if this seems like to much work, you can always phone us, and we can make suggestions and present you with a shortlist of girls.

What to do next when booking Amsterdam Escorts

Customer Confidentiality and Privacy

We are one of the most respected escort Amsterdam agencies in the Netherlands and provide our clients with 100% anonymity and confidentiality. Also, Amsterdam police and government institutions have strict policies regarding the privacy of escort information, which ultimately means our client's details are also protected.

Furthermore, we understand that for most of our clients don't want to publicise the fact that they are ordering escort services. For this reason, all our escort girls are trained to maintain a low profile, especially in public places. Discretion is of paramount importance to both our customers and us so rest assured.

Advantages of Amsterdam Escorts for Hire:

These are vital requirements of any high-class escort in Amsterdam. It is also the criteria which we use when selecting the girls that work for us. We want our girls to provide more than just a sexual service. But to also aid our clients in various situations. We understand just how much value a well-trained escort can provide to her client. As you can imagine, our high-class escorts have been to all the best restaurants and high society places. Meaning they have experienced many of the challenges by the affluent. It is this that makes them perfectly adapted to help solve many issues.

Besides the fact that our top-class Amsterdam escorts can be invaluable to you, they are also uniquely adapted to understanding the mindset of the businessman. They understand the stresses and challenges that you have, which lets me honest few do. They know when to be distracting and when to let you do your thing. Handling a businessman takes experience, and our girls are well versed in this. It is this knowledge that often gives our clients an edge when spending time with our girls. Because of this, many of our girls often form close long term relationships with our clients, helping them through their life and business. These stress-free relationships with no-string-attached are often just what some people need. It takes care of the loneliness and provides the closeness that we need. But, without all the drama that often comes with a conventional relationship.

Benefits of using our Amsterdam Escort Service

Spending time with escorts from Amsterdam can be a fantastic experience. But like anything in life, there is both good and bad. Navigating these waters is especially important when it comes to Amsterdam escorts, and this is plausibly the most notable benefit of using an escort agency like ours. We remove all the potential problems and provide a quality escort service. There are indeed top-notch independent Amsterdam escorts. But the process of discovering them can be fraught with difficulties and disappointment. Most of our customers don't have the time or the desire to be figuring things out, they are here to have fun, and this is there focus. As a result, we always recommend using a reputable escort agency, don't take the risk; it's just not worth it.

Our Amsterdam Escort Services

This section provides short descriptions of the most popular Escort Amsterdam Services. By using this information, you will hopefully be able better to understand the kind of escort activities on offer. Once again, if you need more details, you can phone us, and we will gladly help explain things in detail.

Outcall Amsterdam Escorts

Most Amsterdam escorts provide an outcall escort service. Which means they will come to your hotel or private address. Unlike other countries, outcall Amsterdam escorts are, in most cases, cheaper than incall services such as sex clubs. This service is by far the most convenient way for businessmen to book an escort in Amsterdam.

Hotel Amsterdam Escort Service

Our Amsterdam hotel escort service is one of the easiest and safest ways for men new to the city to meet our beautiful Amsterdam girls. Not every customer wants to venture out at night into the town. Best of all, hotels in Amsterdam are incredibly accomodating regarding escort services. Our escort agency provides many services ideally suited to hotels. Our girls know just how to turn a dull evening into one filled with excitement.

Erotic Massage Amsterdam

Most of our escorts in Amsterdam are trained in the art of erotic massage and provide all the sexual massages you could want. Our massages are performed naked and come with happy endings. All erotic massages can transition into sex should the client wish to take things further. We offer all of the most popular massages such as Tantra Massage, Nuru Massage, Body to Body massage and many more. So if you are looking for an Erotic Massage Amsterdam experience, then you are in the right place.

Amsterdam Escorts for Couples

Couples who are looking to inject some excitement into their relationships are loving these services. The couples escort service is gaining popularity. As more couples become sexually liberated, they quickly find out that using high-class escort girls is an excellent option when seeking sexual variety. Our couples escort service provides just that. What you can expect when ordering one of our love escort girls is an engaging experience between the three of you. That being you and your partner. Our girls will lead you and your partner through a sexual journey that will bring you closer to each other. Without the threat of a third person infringing on your relationship. It's the ultimate couples experience which everyone should try.

A-Level Escort Service

A-Level Escort Service (Anal) has always been a favourite with many men. Because most men cannot get this sexual act at home, when travelling, they can satisfy this need. We have many girls who are providing anal service for an additional charge. If you have not tried anal sex then maybe this is an excellent time to start. Please remember not all girls perform this escort service so always make sure you ask before your book.

High-class Amsterdam Escorts

For those chaps who are looking for something more than just sex, our high-class Amsterdam escorts are a perfect choice. These girls are a cut above the rest and provide a service which is far more engaging. With our high-class escorts, clients are typically looking for a companion based experience. In other words, going out for dinner or have a relaxing drink. That said just because it a high-class escort doesn't mean you can't have sex.

On the contrary, it just means the encounter moves at a different pace and is suited for a more refined experience. It is common for customers to build long term bonds with our high-class escorts. This unique relationship can be beneficial to both the customer and the girl by providing equally important perspectives on life. Sometimes all it takes is for a beautiful woman to break a man out of his routine. It is this new lease on life that can help him achieve new heights in what might be a static life.

Amsterdam Party Girls

Amsterdam Party girls are escorts who are typically more open-minded. For this reason, they are perfect for parties and group activities where you need girls who are up for almost anything. Party girls can turn any hotel room into a party zone. If you and your friends are in the mood for some fun, then you should consider ordering a few party girls. Please note: you must order two or more girls, and generally we advise one escort per customer as the perfect ratio.

Cheap Amsterdam Escorts

Allot of men visiting Amsterdam are searching for cheap escorts. If you look on the internet, you will find many search results for cheap outcall girls. However, what you may not know is that in most cases, these low prices have hidden costs. Unless you choose a reputable escort service like Amsterdam Escort Net, you are likely to be taken advantage off. At our escort agency, make sure our prices are entirely transparent. When we quote prices, there are no hidden costs. When you order an escort from us, we include the following charges into the price.

In summary, our escort prices may not appear to be the cheapest at first glance. However, once you include all the additional extras that others will charge, you will find our rates to be extremely competitive.

How to get Discounted Outcall Escort Rates

Everyone loves to find a deal. As a result, we've listed several ways in which you can get discounted escort rates when ordering one of our stunning Amsterdam girls.

1. Extending Escort Hours

The first and easiest way is to extend your booking hours. Many clients like to spend many hours with our beautiful ladies. Customers who take multiple hours are rewarded by discounted escort rates. In other words, the more you book, the cheaper the hourly rate becomes.

2. Group Escort Bookings

Another excellent way to get discount rates for your escort booking is to book as a group. Guys who go on a sex holiday to together can make group bookings. If the group orders enough hours each hour drops in value.

3. Repeat Customer Bookings

The final way to get discounted escort rates in Amsterdam is to become a repeat customer. Many customers travel to Amsterdam regularly, and part of there entertainment is ordering an escort. Customers who order regularly will receive reduced prices for being loyal customers.

What to do with your Amsterdam Escort?

Men are such sexual creatures with even more vivid imaginations. But you will be surprised how uncreative they can be when presented with the possibility of having sex. So you have the opportunity to be with a super hot escort from Amsterdam who will do just about anything for you - what do you do? It's at this point you can hear the crickets in the background. Don't worry; we are here to save you. In this section, we will present several possible ideas you might want to explore. These are only ideas, so please feel free to expand on any of our suggestions. With so many escort services available in Amsterdam, the sky is the limit.

Dinner or Drinks with an Escort

Our first suggestion is quite open, in that it has many variations. Many men enjoy first getting to know their girl before doing the tango. The most basic option is to have drinks at the hotel bar, maybe even a light snack. Alternatively, you could go out for dinner and kill two birds with one stone, that being, getting to know your escort and seeing a bit of Amsterdam. The main advantage of this scenario is that you both get to know each other, and this can often lead to a more intimate experience later. Without a doubt, it will be more memorable.

Amsterdam Sightseeing - Escort Tour

This is an excellent option if you want to see Amsterdam at night. Your escort knows the city back to front and can be the perfect guide to see all sorts of exciting things. For example, taking a walking through Redlight District or going to Dam Square, the choice is yours. The advantage is that she knows where to go and who wouldn't want to have a gorgeous woman on your arm while browsing the city.

Nightlife - Clubs, Casinos and Pubs

Many men travel alone, so going out to a night venue is not on the cards, unless you want to go alone. Our escort Amsterdam girls can accompany you to one of the famous night venues even if for just a few hours. Just because you are getting older doesn't mean you're dead. Sometimes breaking out of your comfort zone is just what's needed. Don't forget our escorts are used to being with mature gentlemen which means even if you go to a nightclub your company will be refined. Let's face it; this opportunity won't come around again soon.

Make an Impression

A service which is steadily on the increase are men hiring escorts in Amsterdam to boost their image. Nothing screams power and fertility more than having a stunning woman by your side. The fact that your girl is a high-class escort is nobodies business. Best of all escorts love underdogs, and if she can boost your imagine and give you a leg up over a competitor or boss, she's doing it with enthusiasm.

Explore a new Sexual Act

You might have always wondered what it would be like to perform a specific sexual act. Maybe your wife or girlfriend is a touch on the conservative side. Take this opportunity to try something new. Your escort is open-minded and will be able to help you explorer your fantasies. This is also the perfect way to learn more about how to perform individual sexual acts. Let's take the anal escort service, not something you want to guess your wat through. Without experienced Amsterdam escorts, she will be able to guide you through the process, so next time you can try it with your partner.

5 Reasons Amsterdam Call Girls are better than the Redlight District

When it comes to the Redlight District there are many pros and cons. We've listed some key points to help you decide which sex service best suits you and your needs. Our 5 points covers the most important aspects of having a great overall sexual experience. And whatever you decide we hope you have an amazing time in Amsterdam.

1. Hidden Prices

Many people think that Amsterdam's Redlight District offers cheap escort services. The reality is a bit more complicated. Hotel call girls typically charge a fixed price which will cover everything most men will want. For those that want specialised services, they can pay an additional charge. The Redlight District, on the other hand, is a big guessing game. Girls define their prices and will generally charge based on how much money they think you have. Girls at the Windows also charge for things that are included with hotel escorts. So when all is said and done, most men will need to pay far more for a Redlight District experience.

2. Not a Sexual Environment

When you order an Amsterdam call girl, you will be having sex in an environment of your choosing. A room at the Redlight will be closer to a hospital room, and for many men, this will do nothing to enhance the ambience. Other details like using your mini-bar or splashing on some Calonge are all absent.

3. Quick in Quick Out

The general mentality of the Redlight District is quick in quick out mindset. The faster the girls can get done with you, the faster they can catch another customer. This can lead to many men getting frustrated and feeling unsatisfied. Spending a more extended period with these girls is generally not an option. With online escort services, the concept is entirely different. Many escorts want to entice you to keep them longer. They are looking to please you so that you will book them again.

4. Crime and the Redlight District

Although Amsterdam is generally quite safe and there is a strong police presence in most places. When walking around Redlight District, you quickly realise this is not like taking a stroll through a shopping mall. There will be a lot of drunk guys and unsavoury people trying to sell you drugs. For most businessmen walking through the alleyways at night will be somewhat unsettling and an experience they would typically not put themselves in. Of course with hotel escorts its as you expect.

5. Finding the Right Girl and Escort Service

The windows at Redlight District are spread over many streets and alleyways. Finding a girl means walking down many alleys. When its busy many of the windows will be closed, meaning doing repeated passes down occupied windows. Once you do find a Windows and girl that is free, you will then need to proposition her with the services you want and negotiate prices. For most men, this is way too involved and not something they would find appealing. The process with Amsterdam outcall escorts is far more straightforward. You phone our agency ask who is free, then discuss services and prices and in 30 minutes she can be at your hotel room.

Amsterdam Escort Questions

These are some of the most common questions patrons have regarding escorts in Amsterdam.

Are Amsterdam escorts Legal?

Yes, Amsterdam escorts are legal. However, girls need to be able to work in Amsterdam legally, like any other worker. This means foreigners are required to get visas if they are not an EU citizen.

Can I order an Amsterdam escort to my hotel?

Yes, most hotels in Amsterdam allow escorts to visit customers as guests. There are a few hotels that do not allow escorts, but they are few and far between. The overwhelming majority support callgirls or rather tolerate it. Typically so long as you do not create a disturbance in the hotel, they are fine.

How do callgirls in Amsterdam dress when coming to a hotel?

Most callgirls in Amsterdam that work for reputable escort agencies generally dress smart casual. That said, you do need to be careful who you book through. The general rule of thumb is that girls should blend into their environment and not look like street hookers. Customers also do not want girls looking like escorts, so they typically prefer them to be understated.

What's included in the escorts price?

This can vary between escort agencies vastly. Usually, your hourly rate will include sex with your escort and some form of oral sex. Both of which are performed with a condom. Transportation to and from your location is also included.

What happens if I don't like the escort when she arrives?

Hopefully, this won't happen to you, but in the case, it does so long as you make this decision before you start anything sexual or before the girl removes her clothes you can cancel the booking. You will, however, need to pay for her taxi/transportation.

How do I pay for an Amsterdam escort?

There are many ways you can pay for your Amsterdam escort; however, we always recommend paying with cash. Credit cards, although convenient, can be rejected or blocked, especially for foreign travels. To avoid any problems instead draw money before your booking.

Where do most escorts in Amsterdam come from?

Most escorts working in Amsterdam are from the EU. You may be thinking that the majority of escorts are dutch, you would be wrong. In Amsterdam, most girls are from Eastern Europe. Of course, you do get other nationalities from outside the EU, but generally, most are from eastern Europe.

What is the language that most Amsterdam escorts speak?

Because most escorts come from outside of Holland, the common language is English. If you are a visitor and can speak English, you will have not problems.

What is the difference between a prostitute and an escort?

Many years ago, there was a big difference between escorts and escorts. Escorts being more upmarket and escorts having a bad reputation. However, today these terms no longer apply and are used interchangeably. In fact, the term prostitute has been dwindling fast and is not so commonly used anymore. The favoured term in Amsterdam is escort.

What is the appropriate way to treat a escort from Amsterdam?

Amsterdam escorts are no different to regular women which is to say they like to be treated respectfully. Do not get confused into thinking that because of her job that you can treat her like trash. Such behaviour will be met with hostility and ultimately result in a disappointing experience.

Are escorts in Amsterdam safe?

In general, yes. Escort agencies involved in prostitution in Amsterdam take many precautions. Oddly enough, it's less to do with safety and more to do with the practicality of losing money. If girls get sick, they will not be able to work, so it makes sense that they take precautions. In addition to girls taking precautions, the Dutch government also works tirelessly to educate and provide free testing to working girls.

What is a high-class escort?

These are escorts that typically cost more money but that have higher standards than the regular working girls. This means they dress better, speak better and behave better. Many high-class escorts are educated women who choose to do this job usually to reach some other objective they have.